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DOT Push-in Fittings, Inch/NPT


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Body and Release Ring Holding Ring Gripping collet Protection Ring Seals

Brass UNI EN 12164 CW614N Nickel plated

Brass UNI EN 12165 CW617N Nickel plated

Resin (PEI) Stainless steel AISI 301 Resin (PEI) HNBR


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Push in fittings for Vehicles applications complying with DOT FMVSS §571.106, SAE J2493-3 e SAE J1131 specs.



Recommended tubings: PA Tubings complying with SAE (DOT).

Working temperature: -40 °F ÷ 302°F

Working pressure: Max. 261 psi

Vacuum rating: up to 29” Hg

Application fields: Pneumatic circuits for truck and Trailers: Air Suspension, Braking Systems, Transmissions, locking doors and windows, Seat adjustment, Instrumenta-tion, Air conditioning systems, horn, wiper motors, valves, cylinders and accessories.

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Recommanded tightening torque