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Design, Development and Innovation:
this is CmLab!

CmLab is a modern laboratory located in our headquarters, where the R&D team tests Cmatic products and develops new functionalities and innovative fittings. This is the place where innovation happens.

Cmatic Lab

Design, Innovation, and Development

Our laboratory is provided with cutting-edge technology machines that assist our R&D Team in developing products that meet the highest quality and technological standards covering all the applications. Thanks to this innovative lab placed in our Giussano facilities, we’re able to provide a prompt answer to every possible market challenge and we are always ready to deal with our customers’ needs.




EN AW-2011 (Lega 2011) RoHS Compliant.



Acetal Resin (POM) Polyetherimide Resin (PEI)



UNI EN12164:98 CW614N for components made of brass rods.
UNI EN12165:98 CW617N for components made of hot forgings.
UNI EN12164:09 CW510L for components suitable for Food and Beverage contact (compliant with NSF372 Standard).



NBR Nitrilic Rubbe
FPM (FKM) Fluorelastomer
EPDM (ethylene-propylene copolymer)
Upon request, it is possible to supply products made of special compounds and approved for the food market segment (FDA CFR 177.2600) or for use in specials conditions and/or contact with aggressive substances.


Staniless Steel

AISI 316L (1.4404) for components made of SS rods as well as hot forgings.
AISI 301 (1.4310), AISI 302 302 for components that require a high degree of springiness (ie. springs).
AISI 420 (1.4034) used for balls.
Upon Request C.matic can manufacture components made of AISI 316Ti (1.4571).

Chemical Compatibility Chart

The information given on this chart have to be used as a guide only. The actual reaction within materials has to be tested in real working conditions as temperature, pressure and different concentrations of chemicals may vary affecting the compatibility parameters.

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