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Code of Conduct

C.Matic S.p.A.

This Code of Conduct is adopted by Cmatic Spa pursuant to art. 6, paragraph 2, lett. e) of Legislative Decree 231/2001, as part of the 231 System and therefore it plays an essential role for the implementation of the Organization, Management and Control Model (“Organizational Model”) pursuant to current corporate criminal liability regulation.

In the belief that ethics in business represents a value and a parameter of success, Cmatic aligns its business behavior to ethical principles as well as to values of social responsibility, which translate themselves into a competitive advantage for the Company and which must be observed by all entities and individuals who, for whatever reason, deal with the Company.

All of the Company’s activities are therefore carried out in compliance with the law, in a framework of fair competition and having regard to the interests of employees, shareholders, customers, commercial and financial partners and of the social community where the Company operates.


Cmatic S.p.A has been manufacturing pneumatic fittings since 1979, securing its stakeholders, products of excellent quality, and lasting performance.

Honesty, transparency, innovation, social and environmental responsibility are core values but also the result of a strong cultural identity, in which Cmatic S.p.A identifies itself. This identity, born from the entrepreneurial style of its founder, has been strengthened in more than 40 years of history, experience, and behavior.

Today, the growth of the business means that Cmatic S.p.A finds itself operating in a multiplicity of contexts in continuous and rapid evolution.

Due to the complexity of this scenario, it is important for the Company to strongly reaffirm its culture, clearly defining the set of values ​​in which it recognizes and shares, together with the responsibilities it assumes both internally and outwards. A fundamental tool, in the context of the disclosure process and clarification of company principles, is Cmatic “Code of Ethics”.