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Our history:
through a 40 year-long journey

Research, dedication, innovation and design as inner part of our heritage

Our rooths

1979 - Our rooths

Cmatic was founded in 1979 in Carate Brianza, a small village at the core of industrial Lombardy. Started up from an intuition of Orazio Confalonieri, over the years Cmatic has grown from a craftsmanship activity into a global industrial reality whose goal is to design, develop, and produce pneumatic fittings for a multitude of applications in different industries.

Along the years Cmatic has proven great sensitiveness towards a continuously evolving market and has tried to keep up with it exploring new opportunities like the use of new materials and development of innovative products.

When intuition guides success

1989 - When intuition guides success

In just a decade, Cmatic gains important customers in different industrial segments (food, packaging, automotive…) and started to approach the European market.

Fast-paced growth implies challenges and Mr Orazio, with his expertise, determination, and dedication learns and evolves along with his own company. He shows how to be up even with the toughest challenge. He was among the first to be asked for a solution for silicon free processes in the automotive industry and he got it. Nowadays silicon free products are mandatory in many industries. Intuition, dedication, relentless wish to innovate were and still are the key ingredients of Cmatic.

The 90's
New generations, same assets

The 90's - New generations, same assets

In the 90’s, the second generation starts to come on board. Mr Orazio complete dedication and passion for Cmatic were a great lesson that his kids have soon learned. Rita first, then Gloria and eventually Filippo, joined the company, everyone with a different background and skill set. They are ready to offer Cmatic the right mix of enthusiasm and knowledge needed to face the challenges of the new millennium.

The drive for constant improvement is strong and highly appreciated by the existing clientele. This all will contribute to the establishment of an internationally recognized, reliable brand which is then further reinforced by the achievement of the ISO 9001 certification in 1994

Now, as then, special customers’ care, attention to their requirements and the willingness to build long-lasting relationships with them remains part of Cmatic’s heritage.

Towards a continuous improvement

2016 - Towards a continuous improvement

A significant increase in production volumes leads to an internal reorganization and planning. In a little more than a decade, Cmatic outgrows its two facilities of Carate and Albiate and needs to look for a larger plant. A new adventure begins. The Confalonieris identify the right piece of land and decide to build their headquarters in their image. In 2016 the brand new Headquarter is inaugurated.

A nice building design cannot possibly ignore the eco-impact of the same. Solar panels must be part of the project in the attempt to grow greener. The drive for a continuous improvement leads Cmatic to get more involved with the environment and to eventually get the certification for environmental management ISO 14001 in 2018.

Now, as then, continuous improvement is part of Cmatic heritage.

Envisioning the future, remembering the past

2020 - Envisioning the future, remembering the past

The fitting, a pivotal component of any automation, was considered a poor product without any identity. Orazio’s creative flair has given the attribute of exclusivity to every single piece. The research for new materials, the attention to the function but also to the design are the founding features of Cmatic, a company that has always been able to listen, and not chase, the market.

When silicone was a problem difficult to overcome, Orazio was able to offer a solution; when it came to going international, Cmatic already had its own network of foreign distributors. And in the age of digitization?

It goes without saying that Cmatic cannot be satisfied with a simple digital presence, but the new challenge is to be available on the international market 24/24, 7/7 offering adaptable, innovative and reliable solutions over time.