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MB Line

Technopolymer Push-in Fittings

The push-in fittings of the MB line are made of a Technopolymer belonging to the Acetal Resins Family (POM) also well known for the dimensional stability offered, stiffness, fatigue and corrosion resistance. These features can bridge the gap between metal and the traditional plastic materials.

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  1. Protection Ring: POM
  2. Gripping ring: Stainless Steel AISI 301
  3. Seals: NBR
  4. Body: POM
  5. Release Ring: POM
  6. Holding Ring: POM
  7. Threaded screws: Brass UNI EN 12164 CW614N Nickel Plated
-20/+70 °C
-0,99/18 bar
-99 KPa
MB Line

Technical specifications

Tubi di collegamento consigliati: PA11, PA12, PA6, Polietilene PE, Poliuretano PU (98 Shore A).
Tolleranze accettabili sui tubi: ± 0,07 mm fino a Ø 10 mm
± 0,1 mm fino a Ø 14mm

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