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MF Line

Push-in Fittings for Food and Beverage Applications

MF is a push-to-connect fitting designed and certified for Food and Beverage applications. MF fitting is made of brass with low lead content and it is NSF certified according to the 169 standards for contact with water, tea and coffee.
This makes MF fitting the right solution for the coffee and vending machines industry. On top of the 169 NSF/ANSI Certificate, the MF fitting boasts also the NSF/ANSI 372 brass compliance with the maximum lead content standards allowed for contact with drinking water (U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act).

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  1. Body: Brass EN12164 CW510L Compliant NSF/ANSI 372
  2. Seals: FDA Compliant FPM
  3. Gripping collet: Brass EN12164 CW510L Compliant NSF/ANSI 372
-20/+150 °C
max 20 bar
MF Line

Technical specifications

Tubi di collegamento consigliati: Tubi termoplastici per applicazioni Food
Tolleranze accettabili sui tubi: ± 0,07 mm fino a Ø 8 mm.

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